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Shah Jahan
Shah Jahan Published on November 11, 2021

What is Bitly pk? pk is a link shortening service for users to take long URL and make them shorter. The main advantage of this service is that, it manages large amount of URLs in organized manner by taking into account the number of times they are clicked by the user during past 30 days. This concept also increases marketing opportunity by re-sharing these links through social networking sites like Facebook, HelloTxt etc.

A Big insight!

Most of the people who run businesses or offers services on internet don't understand about this thing till now… They only think in terms of numbers i.e., how many visitors reached on their website/URL through search engine, without knowing how many actually click on their links!!!

This is the time to understand it, as more clicks on links means they are interested in you/service or product…


Free Bitly account with is a free service of through which users can create, manage and track their links without spending even a single penny!! You just need to register at, verify your email address and start tracking your links after pasting them on main page. Also, you can manage multiple accounts by creating separate sub-accounts for each of you's business/product/website etc...


How do I proceed?

You just need to go this link , register by verifying your email address (it will take maximum 2 hours to verify).

Once verified, you'll see the main page like this:

Now you can start pasting your links on it or go to "Settings" tab and click on “Create New Account” option. It will ask for name of sub-account (which is simply another account), description, website etc… fill them out and save it. Now your sub-account will appear on main page with its own dashboard as below:

You can create many sub-accounts as per number of services you offer/websites you manage... So, now whenever you paste link on any of these accounts their respective analytics has been saved in their dashboards and can be tracked anytime...

Of course, if you want to track same link on more than one account then just sync them by clicking on "Sync" button available at the top right of main page. You can also E-mail settings, clear link history and delete accounts from here.

Note: Free accounts can also be upgraded by buying upgrade packages.

Free account allows 1000 clicks a month, however to get more data you need to buy a package.

For details information you may go here

Where I can use it?

You can use these features on websites where people share links like facebook, twitter, comments etc… Don't let them miss out on this feature! If they are sharing their links through then try not to let them down with your lesser traffic!!  For e.g., if someone is sharing his link in comment section than just click "Share" button near that link and the respective analytics will automatically appear.

A short link is a very powerful marketing tool that can help you to collect data about your customers and their behaviors. It's not just one of those things where they're stuck on some page, it actually goes somewhere! A quick way for companies like ours who rely heavily upon technology are able get more insight into our target audience so we know what content will resonate with them most effectively - without wasting time advertising something no-one cares about (or has heard before).

Target your customers to increase the reach and redirect them. Add a pixel so you can retarget in social media ads for an even more successful campaign!

Engage with your network and measure the data you need to optimize marketing campaigns. Reach an audience that fits seamlessly into your life - it's all about YOU!

What if we told you that understanding your user and customers can help increase conversion? Our system allows for all of this data to be tracked, so why not take advantage of it! Whether they're clicking on more pages or converting at higher rates than before - there's no telling what type information might come up.


What is point of this? Your clicks are saved as per your sub-accounts name rather than bitly's account, so that you'll know which account is actually making money for you or how many people had visited what website of yours... Or even it will help you in managing affiliate marketing like first user clicked on link and made purchase (or any action). Also whenever someone copy paste your url i.e., , the actual link will appear as so, its use is unlimited...

I hope this article has made it very clear… So now enjoy at free of cost... Happy tracking!!

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